Adolescent Therapy

teens and young adults

Adolescents are faced with many challenges these days ranging from home life to school life to hormonal and physical changes. Having access to social media also contributes to sometimes unexplained behaviors, emotions, and feelings.

Providing adolescents a safe place to talk, with someone whom they know will not judge them, tends to create an environment of free expression and trust. This allows the adolescent the opportunity to process their desires, fears, and feeling. This process allows them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and will help build confidence with self-expression.

We work collaboratively with the adolescent and family to help maintain a safe environment in which communication can improve. Working together is an essential part of the therapeutic process for everyone involved.

For pre-teen, teen and young adults. Areas of focus: depression, anxiety, abuse, stress, trauma, self-esteem building, divorce, hormonal and physical changes.