Adult Therapy

A new day

Adults and couples seeking therapy are usually at an impasse in their lives or close relationships. Adults enter into a therapeutic relationship seeking a safe place to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment. Some common challenges adults and couples face are anxiety, depression, struggle with communication, work or home related stress, parenting challenges, divorce, infidelity, personal growth, grief and loss, and trauma to name a few.

For many adults, parenting is a core part of what they struggle with. We also offer parenting consultations where we help the parent identify challenges their children are experiencing, develop a plan of various strategies and help implement them into their daily lives. We will work together to gain a clear understanding of the presenting problem and work towards a solution that best fits your family.

We also offer online consultations for our adult patients via Skype. For online Skype meetings you will need to download the free Skype program onto your computer and set up a profile.

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