Our Focus

trust as a foundation

Infinite Counseling & Wellness has been serving clients since its founding in 2014. We offer a range of therapeutic services including adolescent, adult, couple, family, group, and play therapy. We also offer energy balancing services and life and executive coaching. Our greatest joy is to work with people who are committed to improving their lives. Building relationships based on trust is our number one priority.


Therapy Services

Healing and Wellness. We offer child play therapy services for children ages 2-9, adolescent therapy for pre-teen, teen and young adults and adult therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Energy Balancing

The Chakra System. We believe that balance in life is key to happiness. Our focus: energy systems, opening inner channels for better flow and clarity, being grounded to the earth, healing.

life coaching

Plan Your Future. We offer life and executive coaching services to build a customized plan for your growth. Focus areas: life transitions, career changes, frameworks, MAP planning.


Meet Ayesha


Ayesha Lakhani | MA, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC, CART


My passion involves working with children and adolescents of all ages and genders to help them overcome obstacles in their lives and relationships. As a third party, I am able to identify the challenges my clients face and facilitate positive change, by working with them, and often times their families, to achieve results beneficial for themselves.

Ayesha made me feel extremely comfortable in a time when I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. One of her greatest strengths is that the work you do with her is relatable to everyday life, which gives you the ability to work on yourself in and out of her office.  
— Danny S.