Charity's Story: Weight Loss Journey

I had the privileged of working with Charity recently. She is an amazing woman who has over come many challenges in her life. Three years ago, she began her journey for weight loss. The journey hasn't been an easy one, but she continues to move forward. Charity has had some setbacks along the way, however would not allow herself to go backwards. She recognized that she was struggling and asked for help. 

Tune in Wednesday 5/17@7PM central time on TLC to watch her journey. It will be an inspiring hour of perseverance through challenges. 

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2017: New Blog, New Beginnings

2017: New Blog, New Beginnings

This year I have decided to write a blog, to create a space for interactive conversation where you can participate in the conversation. I will be addressing topics such as communication, parenting solutions, relationship dos and don’ts, shame and vulnerability, self-care, work life balance, and many more.