Communication Boost: Discover Your Love Language

This is the month we celebrate love. If you are in any type of relationship (not just romantic) I encourage you to take the Five Love Languages quiz.

This quiz will help you gain a better understanding of how you like to receive love. Ironically, the way we like to receive love is usually how we show love, however the person on the receiving end may have a different love language. This creates an opportunity for open discussion between you and your partner, child, friend, or any other person you are relating with.

Learning about these things are essential to any relationship because it helps us appreciate our partner more. Sometimes we think we are going above and beyond for our partner, child, or friend, when in reality they do not read your actions as a sign of love and caring because it is not their love language. When you gain a better understanding of how you communicate and how you want to be communicated with, it helps lessen the opportunity for miscommunication.

Communication is the number one thing that causes relationships to fail. Usually we are afraid to ask for what we want or to express ourselves freely because we fear judgment and/or rejection. As a result we tend to internalize our feelings and they come out in the most importune time. Open and clear communication is what allows relationships to be successful.

Take the quiz and ask your partner to as well. Have a discussion about your love languages and send me feedback on your thoughts!